I make this moment the moment I have for life
A war free zone
Waiting at the train station and finally I bought something

A few seconds of rest became 10 minutes
Staring and observing around
Comparing the houses I saw outside of the trainwindow to the gestures I now see

I remember someone from the past
Whenever I am with you current situations are dealing
While I preserve you as a memory from my past
Distractions are good

When life is focussed on passion and goals
Sometimes the best way to deal with people is to walk away
Let it be

Handsome strangers come and go
Yet in the blink of an eye
I could relive this moment for life
A new country, a different city
Nothing new for a birds that steals hearts with thy eye

They are waiting for the clock to pass 13
To click and tick away
Dream underneath your deathbed
Dive deep down under

Love thy soul,



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