Fine, fine, fine

I am 22 years of age and will live as if this is my last year
Perhaps love won’t be part of it physically
I do remember the image I had of you
In my mind and fantasies you were an oasis of a treasure that never could be lived upon this earth

The passing to the new world is key

Ambitions to contribute to this zone
A war free zone of studies, goals and catching ten minutes of sunlight when the day is bright

Goals and ambitions in organisations, sports and family friendship

I can not achieve true love
It must be given to me by the divine

I let you go
I set you free

For the divine knows I should focuss on goals that are set for me

The path unknown
I salute your strength, my body belongs to my soulmate
Even though I desired you, the vision of you and me has faded ever since

The hardship of losing you when I never had you from the start
Your eyes are wonderful
Reminding me of my creator

I love you dearly, secretly and I do not know why thy brain had a way of linking your eyes to my heart
Even when it solely was special in my own mind

Feelings change as people come and go
Maybe you and I
Were never meant to be
After three years of wishing to see you again and being filled with joy when it did

Suddenly your presence did not strike me.anymore
This normal John doe
I feel at ease yet a little awkward for the sex in the air was missing
Is this the time I will see your true colors?  I frankly don’t care anymore

Mourning and fighting for survival
Love is even flying away from me
I am glad that you are still alive
The soulmate connection is not here or my feelings will return after 3 years

The map that leads to you,



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