My sweetheart

As quiet is the loss
In a place where the silence is serene
I miss you sweetheart

I cry like a baby for your loss
Wishing a love with could entail more
Keep on playing and loving

Heavenly love
It has me desire the judgmentday even more
Serene sleep

Desire many things and put faith above them all
Discipline will persevere
Desires should be let go off
The transformation of a  butterfly during the time on earth

I choose to make what was good to want, what I wanted
And after the adolescence of my transformation I became the image I once had of healthy and good
Demons can only be defeated when you force to transform yourself

By giving more you build more

Today I let go of the desire for one man, I let you go,
Today I let go of the earthly feelings, my family on thy earth will always surround me from heaven
Today I acknowledge that my grief is an egoistic process for I miss you for not being be with me on earth

Thy blue eyes, laughter of a five months old, it will be felt through the serene force of heaven
Your energy is well preserved
A loving soul

I adore you so,



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