Maybe it’s just the way

I see you in my life to come
Oh Heaven
I wait with good intentions
Then is the passing over…

Something’s lost
My eyes speak volumes louder than your ears hear
I can’t get it right

Will you roll through this
Today is too long
Inexplicable attraction
I never could ignore you

Even when I try.. al my senses are focussed on you
Out of sight
Do not want to be heartbroken

Maybe you are the desire I have to recognize my real soulmate
This attraction could led me astray
Or point me towards you.. the dust in the wind

All of me brings me to you
My energy is felt
I love you as the last day on earth

You are my nature
I’ve hold your hand once
And I fell in love
I fell in love with you stranger at the busstop.. my brain.. my heart.. my soul they are all confused

You, not having my phone number, not taking me on dates, you reach me more with your eyes than anyone ever did

I adore you and I can not tell you this,



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