Glasses are floating down in this concert
Lenses walking in opposite directions
In a crowd I still seek your back peeking out of the crowd
I forget the frustrated energy addicts have when I dream of you

Two injustices
Equal in their pain, only God to tell
“Sweep away the coat of desires as if you are invisible”
I believe you know that I seek for you in dreams

I believe God knows this too
Above all my soul has never stopped to bring me back to life
The soul of my soulmate will find me whetherd it’s on this earth or beyond
It is difficult to stay away from you no more

I can turn my face and walk away when you come near
Whenever you are close
Others can see
How my eyes try to find yours

Or observe you..
I wish I could say it wasn’t so
The last time we met I didn’t feel special, I felt insecure

It is more accurate to say goodbye to something that never really was yours in the first
Disney I long for you,



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