There was a moment
A moving moment of time that had an elapse before I could reflect
Wheels of time
Guarding as banks protect their gold, it spinned as dark colors faded by time or dust

The momentum I accepted the troubles I have been given
They became a blessing
INTJ personality? Well mathematics and physics as a joy forever
An hidden hobby at the expense of solely my imagination
For scientists place the rules of science online for everyone to see

No longer confused by different ways.of expressing and feeling emotions
Analysis of relationships have never worked and therefore will not do

I am willing to put everyone and everything aside for my career
Combining the subject of power and leaders with mathematics and physics that has never been done before

The tands on wheels protecting time… it took me a late puberty to destroy the incapable construction of not coping with my feelings
Awareness has raised more questions

I actually am convinced of what used to trouble me
Now has made me really see
That the rational approach I have towards my studies and research
Is better than the badly written, tiredness of not understanding strange feelings

I enjoy rational conversations

I don’t adore you and have only adored the fantasy of the utopia world you would hand me,

For I give up, if a soulmate exists irrationally it would know my cynical  behaving,



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