Vespers Rachmaninoff

I desire the warmth of your cheek
You bring spring and take away frost
Cold days never felt as one

As a twelve year old I walked miles with my bike through snow one feet
Inside I was smiling for the guy, Aragon, I had fancied glared at me and smiled
The glance of his eyes don’t mean anything compare to the company your eyes provide me

I desire the warmth of your cheek
While I leave you standing all alone
Because I do not want to this be solely love on earth..
I care for you

Classical music is the only tune that stops thy mind from thinking
So I play it over and over again
The interludes become my friends

Jazz let’s you focus on life to the fullest
Temptations,  only fools know what it means
A mind taken away from heaven
My desires for you are based on your energy and divine eyes

Your soul burried in the universe
I listen to classical music
So my mind can be free
From the burdens on earth and the desires I have for you

My solely purpose on this earth is to suffer
For I have worked hard
I only enjoy when I see the truest of you interact with the truest of me
Sparkling moments
Even this is something i need to let go off,



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