The life we live

I just feel numb
You should have come to life

Tomorrow is the day I write my letter for the honours programme
The ambiguity of life

In the truest core of this mind
I understand and love you non less regardless
In the truest essence of my being
I have not seen you anymore yet your presence protects me

I feel the support and energy of guardian angels as it is life
Opening up to others about emotions will forever be work in progress

I do challenge myself to be more open about it
Processing things is part of life

I have come to a phase that the numbness has taken over
Nothing seems to reach me as the support of my Lord

I feel most at ease when I focus on my faith
Training is something I love
Studying challenges me to speak more about knowledge
Sharing a legacy

The pain you are going through destroys this all
For I want you to be happy
Only your heart has broken
Your child was sent

To a place where it will all makes sense on one day
I feel your loss as if it is my own
For I have never ever fallen in love
The dream of a family torned from earth

I hope things get better
I’m thinking of you
And I know it’s for the better
She has been protected



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