Is it the love you have for the one who makes you feel important?
It has not been footsteps
Worlds apart and behaviour aside
The love indulging nature is put aside for safety

See the world, making long lasting friends
Keep me far away
The journey of waterfalls, without doubt It were evidence of evildoers
Doubt the love that has given
For pain spoke the loudest words known to mankind
23 enjoying my accomplishments

With the biggest inside grin
I embrace the warmth of you, you mean more
Your humor and thy eyes

Laugh hard and smile with those who are real
On my bicycle I reminisced the feelings of freedom
A place.where my grandfathers grave is kept, my niece is there and friends from ages 8 till 72
That place I will be buried or put next to
At 5 years old I placed my feet there first and never returned after the loss of a friend at age 8
It is calm and serene, do not plan your death but do prepare for dying
It can happen at any given moment, any given second

Human relations are lovely, do not forget to.contribute to society
Work hard, rest hard
Love will come your way
When you have placed pain as a part of life, never refuse to growth or it breaks all

I love you,

My own name


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