Gibberish thoughts

I wish these words would start something
Personal choices for wandering over sleep
It echoes there won’t be any answers

Anything written out of frustration will never find itself
Do not be too tired when entering bed

You and your grandparents flash for my mind
The power of talking has lost it’s words
Prestige, to be some of value
Honor and taking pride, the feeling of importance
Making a difference

It is a trick, if you do it for that energy fulfillment
There won’t be any
For the path is never completed
And the day after you left, everything follows through

Let go of people who do not share a positive energy with you
Wishing others well has broken many egotistical mindsets

Afraid that when they say it
It might happen
A splinter in eyes of joy and childhood
Feeling of importance because you belonged to a fun group and played with your friends

Those were the days that really mattered to me
Those are the days I hope my nieces, nephews
Daughters and sons
Will cherish once

The day I graduated from a pre-university education was dull compared to those lovely moments
I do miss the loveliness and the friendships that seemed to be lasting forever

When we grow up.. our egos grow with us
And we separate and work hard to make our own family
Different goals come in between

Laying down the carpet for a future generation

Adore you
Go back to sleep,



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