Hanging under a painting of the universe

I forgot where we where, two white pillows on top of each
Symmetrical again
Golden stars, lines connected..
We would share the same.view on this double bed
An open invite so lovely, many invisible couples to us have experienced the same view
Sharing a look of comfort, completion
Snap back behind my white desk
Three metres of windows

White clouds in the shape of a persian horse pass me by
Are they there as I imagined
Opened the door again, stare at the clouds

Somewhere sit at the kitchen floor
When guests near, close to the ground is my safe haven
Years we spent there
Watching cartoons
All of the decent love, the body remembers and gets back into act

Memories overlapse in affection
Affected by the love I feel for you
As your energy has always been with me
Seeking opportunities for lego in the real word

The patterns complement
Fantasy and reality
In a parallel universe,  we were both playing lego at the same time, with each of our toys
I don’t mind dear, babe,
I have come to a place where our friendship is all
We are closer in each other, space of our persons, as it has always been

Love is energy, always belonged to you and our friends

Adore you and your love for me,



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