‘If you fuck up your children, nothing else you do really matters’
Harsh words often reveals the truest emotions
I can still feel, not as much as I used too
One day I will
This it what attracts me in you, you made me feel part of something greater than myself
Maybe I shouldn’t participate in the honors program and volunteer Instead

I want to contribute to a greater thing
The love I have for what is given
I want to sing lullabies with youe first name

My love, on top of the roof
I can’t imagine anyone other than you
As last year.. I still love you
After months of ignoring your glance

I stared back and fell in love again
A better world starts here
And just because my parents did not love me at a certain time and place
It is because of that, I should start to enjoy love and life
My books do not speak back as you do

We are not a perfect match but you are the greatest catch
And therefore it all seem doomed
Why would I risk the best person that has ever come in my life because of what my heart desires…

I do love you,



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