It would not make sense to you

I could write your name down here and make you or your friends find this
I could tell story after story how I once loved you
How I once adored you, you ran away and Nothing made sense anymore

The absence I experienced when you were not around was pleasant at first
My mind stops thinking of you until two weeks before you return
I could tell you this all, only if it made sense

There is no war, I do not have to flee
We are silenced over the waters
Never we hear what is coming
Detect with our eyes, the situation now is that my eyes do not seek you anymore, I love myself more than I will ever love you

You calculate how you hear and try to comfort me on the non crucial.moments
Do not back away from me love
I am sorry that I have hurt you with my distance
It is only a shield for my feelings

Beloved, I have to accept that one day I will forever be your friend and nothing more
A friendship is something I cherish, I do not believe in a stronger love
The walls I have build are surrendering to wisdom and no material things



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