Unable to fall, fleeting from this voracious being
I stopped with what I wanted to do for so long
Only to achieve nothing
Compared to the moments of lust we could have

I desire this more and more
Tomorrow I go and fight
Fight for my future and the possibility to have children

I pretend that I do not care
I have hella feelings for you
You make me daydream of laying inside of your arms
I know that we are alike, catch me please

You are the reason I started this
To vent about feelings and fantasies I could not reach
My heart is pounding faster when your name appears

Only you disappear often
I have a thing for you and I can’t let it go
From approval to hatred and love
The colors of this love

I say goodbye to any lust feeling I have for any attractive other one in this world
If you could declare love to me
How come you do not seem to take action?

Autumn and summer,



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