A story for the 16 year old

Your first committed relationship is the one you have with your education
How to read, write and spell turns into analysis of science
Alternatives to


problems in society
The self search for education will enrich your life

For an introvert pre-university education was not so kind to me
Social relations, jealous and vicious girls
I wish society had told me that it is better to be anti social and focus on yourself
Just stop with trying to keep jealous friendships
A lot of females in puberty and rejected guys are jealous They will call you names when boys they like, fall in love with you
You try to convince your “friends” that you do not love them back, they start talking behind your back
A few good ones stick their head out for you, you will still be close with them ten years later
The right friends will stick around and love you for the right reasons

I’m very proud you have all the certificates you need for any education
Though I wish you had discovered certain athletic sports sooner 🙂
They are so much fun and would have verbally and physically strenghten you for life a bit earlier

No one told me how important it was to be able to guard your body
There was no self defense class at highschool
This would have made me feel more secure

I’m very glad I was never raped or attacked
Only if someone ever had tried
No one had told me how to defend myself at that time.. with all great things in life
You have to research yourself and practice many hours to attain new skills

I made a plan for my education and athletic abilities at age 19
I wanted to become the strong woman I am today
The road has been tough and challenging
Yet the awards make it worth the trip

Self assured I know I can make a difference
I live a healthy lifestyle and keep challenging myself
You can not gain physical strength without mentally developing for the better

I salute you for breaking bridges and building relationships with hearts larger than their heads,



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