Under the bridges I

He was wearing sunglasses and still she could see his eyebrows raise for a split second. He noticed her blue eyes, light whitegreycoat and blond nor brown hair. Or that actually was what he saw. Her movement on her bicycle as she looked as a dear in headlights was in contrast with her appearance.
The first moment he layed eyes on her, she would never forget.
Her mind played this short clip at sudden unexpected moments in her life. Afraid to be run over by this silver fast car, she was shocked to see him driving as he did.

He was in his flashy car, the model he had dreamt about as a kid was an oldtimer. Only when time passed and he became famous his taste changed. Influenced by or wanting to influence the people around him.

A star can not be too approachable. He believes in the love he has for his path. His voice would reach her again and again. Yet she would not listen to his songs for two more years…


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